Romania Hidro Service S.R.L. Tg. Jiu-Romania offers you the following equipment for purchase:

Boring-Rolling Machine MAR-60/250 x 9000 type Utita

The boring-rolling machine for tubes used for hydraulic cylinders can process internal diameters from 60 mm to 250 mm in lengths from 3000 mm to 9000 mm..

It is composed of 5 sections of the frame, having  length of 24000 mm, double translation system with rack, automatic hydraulic system for feeding-transfer- unloading for semi-finished and finished products, automatic pneumatic system for fixing-blocking semi-finished item, electric-electromechanical-electronic drive and control system, cooling and evacuation system composed of 3 tanks having the capacity of 3000 liters of oil, mechanical and magnetic oil filtration, loading table, unloading table (deposit).

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                                                       Component Part Description

  1. Guide, drive and lubrication mechanical part

   a)Frameconsisting of:

-3 active sections (facilitates the actual processing activity):

– total length=13500mm

– width=550mm

– height =750mm

-3 passive sections (support, guide and semi-finished clamping):

– total length =11500mm

– width =500mm

– height =750 mm

    b) Adduction head consisting of:

– adduction head, semi-finished guiding and blocking

– sledge lubrication system

– sledge movement

– electric motor 4 kw/1500 rot/min

– instrument board

    c)Tool rotating mechanism — consisting of:

– variable speed gearbox + electric motor 37kw x 1500rot/min

– sledge movement + electric motor 7kw/ 500rot/min, provided with encoder reading system and delineating the axis quota „o / x’’

– sledge lubrication system

– pneumatic system for indexing tool

   d)Toolholder shaft rear windows-4 pieces consisting of:

– rear windows movement sledge

– support and centering rear window for toolholder shaft, maximum 130mm in diameter, equipped with oscilating bearings

– individual lubrication system

– impact system and stroke limitation

  1. Hydraulic transfer system for semi-finished and finished product

      a) Hydraulic feeding and transfer mechanism -2 pieces:

– mechanical subassembly

– translation sledge depending on the location area

            – hydraulic system (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic connectors, HIWIN sliding systems, stroke sensors)

– hydraulic group (placed under the unloading, storage table)

– hydraulic pump

– electric motor 12 kw x 1500 rot/min

  1. Semi-finished catching-centering pneumatic system -3 pieces

– translation sledge according the placing area of pneumatic vise (pneumatic drive and control)

– prisms and plane parts specific for the various outer diameters of the semi-finished

  1. Cooling and chip evacuation system

pumping station: 1 SETIMA pump 8501t/min; code GR70 SMT 800L RF2, oil supply hose

– 3 feeding–evacuation oil tanks equipped with decantation system, mechanical-magnetic filtering ; Capacity: 3000 liters

– chip collection tank equipped with chip collection mechanical system (iron plate, perforated with 3 mm holes)

  • communication pipe for tanks (collection tank and feeding tank)
  1. Semi-finished feed table (bed) adjusting system for various outer diameters
  2. Finished storage table (bed)
  3. Siemens electromechanical and electronic command system.
  • electric command line according to European standards
  • control panel placed on the adduction head
  • electric drive motors

– SIMENS electric installation

Delivery price for MAR 60/250 x 9000mm = 380 000 euro (INCLUDING MONTAGE)

Mirela Paduraru
Executive Manager
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